YSR50 Wheel

and Brake


by Team Calamari Racing


 Front Alum Wheel

Aluminum Front Wheel

1/2 the weight of stock

Tires shown are IRC the best mini road racing tires made! Yes, they cost a little more, but you get a lot more. (A PAIR of IRCs cost less than the front tire alone for your big bike!)

Aluminum Rear Wheel

1/2 the weight of stock

Race bike or street bike, lightweight wheels are a plus!

Always check the wheel bearings and seals in the hubs, they do wear out and are easy to change.

Check for proper chain adjustment

Rear Alum Wheel


Front Wheel Spacer

Eliminates Speedometer Drive

The gears in the stock speedo drive unit cause quite a bit of drag. By eliminating the speedo drive and replacing with spacer, the wheel turns much easier. On a 50cc bike, each little improvement you make adds up to more horsepower to the ground!

Close up of Front Wheel Spacer Hitch Clip Safety wired to fork leg

When using hitch clips remember to safety wire the open end closed!

Check front axle to see if it is bent, most of the bikes we service in the shop have bent front axles. Cheap and easy to replace.


 Stock Brake

Standard YSR front brake

Ferrodo Brake Pads

Surfaced Rotor

Safety wired

Same as above with addition of steel braided brake line
This set up is way good when the brakes are bled properly. Rock hard lever but still with good feel. The steel braided line is a must for either racing or street as the stock rubber line expands every time you pull the brake lever. Bleeding the brakes properly is important. We have two different kinds of EZ brake bleeders available that makes this annoying job fast and easy.

 Steel Braided Line

 Big Brake
Aftermarket Brake Caliper and Rotor
13" Rotor - 2 Piston Caliper - Steel Braided Line

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