Michael S. built a nice replica of the YSR's big brother

Norm's sweet ride in So Cal!

A very fine dog from England, and the YSR is nice too!

This is the finished project at a recent show, with it's big brother by it's side! Nice work Brandon!

The attention to detail on this project is superb.
be sure to check out this link:

Well worth the trip!

(See above for finished product!!)
Can't wait to see the finished product!
(project on Long Island!)

Now you don't see this everyday

 The Steve Conway Page

 Mr. Conway, (in England) has done a spectacular job with his YSR and his GSXR. The YSR was featured in one of Englands leading motorcycle magazines, and the GSXR has won many a show. Thanks for the eye candy.








 Mr. Conway's magnificent YSR

(in it's early stages)











 Beautiful Job!

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