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  All products are Legal Only for Racing Vehicles
and are not intended for use on pollution controlled street vehicles

Nology "Hot Wire"

If you're not using a Hot wire, you're not going as fast as you could!

Steep rise and fall time of spark pulse resulting in efficient burn=more horse power!

This easy and inexpensive modification gives you .3HP 

High Performance Clutch Kit

Designed for the YSR

How do you get the power to the rear wheel?

Junk the stock clutch. Install high performance friction plates and springs.

Major Difference!

Please specify YSR50 or YSR80

For other engines, please call

Cryodized Clutch DrivePlate

Designed for the YSR

Scientifically hardened through cryogenic anodized process.

Super flat surface that resists scratches and wear. Very Light weight and will not muddy or contaminate oil like steel or aluminum plates.

1/3 the weight of the steel driven plates. More power!

Available Separately or as complete clutch kit.

(When replacing clutch, you might need a clutch cover gasket)

Please specify YSR50 or YSR80 When Ordering




Check for dimpling on both clutch push rods
Check metal plate for warpage and discoloration
Check pressure plate for gauling
Replace if necessary

#3 & #5, clutch damper can be discarded if they have not already disinegrated. Not necessary for proper clutch operation

Clutch Springs

Set of 4


Push Rods

Clutch Gasket


Complete Gasket Kit


Clutch boss

This is the part the plates sit on, and that the studs that accept the pressure plate screws break!

We have three of these left, and they are no longer available from Yamaha


Pressure Plate
Pressure Plate Screws

Replaces the left handle switch that holds the stock clutch perch

We have the CORRECT aftermarket perch, lever and cable 


Rod Kit

Connecting Rod

Rod Pin

Rod Bearing


Please specify YSR50 or YSR80 When Ordering



How many phillips head screws stripped when you took the clutch cover off?
Kit contains all the replacement Allen bolts for both side cases of the YSR. Makes engine maintenance easy!

Available in Stainless Steel


New Battery, Acid, Fuse Holder


Part of good clutch operation is the cable.
This little device is worth it's weight in gold,
as it makes lubing the clutch cable,
or any other cable, really easy.


 Main Bearings


 Replace those 25 year old seals! These are high performance seals

Order individually or Kit Contains:

Left Crank Seal
Right Crank Seal
Counter Shaft Seal
Shift Shaft Seal
Push Rod Seal
Kick Start Seal

 Kick Start Block off plug

This "Blind" Plug fits into the hole left when removing the Kick Start

Assembly, Just tap it in!



 Head light burned out?

No longer available from Yamaha.
We can repair your head light!

Send us your burned out headlight and we will return to you a working head light!


Send to:

Team Calamari Racing

97 San Benancio Rd

Salinas CA 93908

Please include your name, address, phone and email.

Cost? $60 + $3.49 for the bulb + return shipping

Team Calamari has most of the common original manufacturer parts in stock for:


If it has to be ordered-we get it quick!

Products Index Index
Products 1 Top Clamp, Front Fork Revalving, Spring Kit, Clip Ons, Wheel Spacer, Brake Stay Arm, Billet Alum Master Cylinder Cap
Products 2 Exhaust, Exhaust stubs, Rear Shock, Temperature Guage, Carbon Fiber Dash
Products 3 Tires, Wheel Bearings, Brakes, Steel Braided Brake Line Kit, Billet Master Cylinder Cap, Speedometer Cable, Shift Lever
Products 4 Swingarm Bushings, Swing Arm Brace, Tapered Timpkin Steering Bearings
Products 5 Carburetors, Air Cleaners, Jet Kits, Airbox Mods, 1/4 turn Throttle, Carb Cables, Reeds, Reed Stops, Oil Block Off Plate, Gas Cap Cover, Gas Cap Screws, Fuel Petcock
Products 6 Hot Wire, Clutch, Rod Kit, Main Bearings, Seals, Gaskets, Bolt Kit, Cable luber, Battery, Headlight Repair
Products 7 Body Work - Stock Replica & Body Work Harware
Products 8 Flush Mount Turn Signals, Turn Signal Flasher
Products 9 Body Work - Dual Headlight - GSXR Seat
Products 10 Body work bolt kit, Carbon Fiber License Plate Frame
Products 11 Body Work - Stock Replica- Windscreens, Windscreen Bolts
Products 12 Swingarm Bike Stand, T-Shirts, Hats, Service Manuals
Products 13 Honda NSR50 and NS50F
Products 14 Derbi Parts
Products 15 Tools
Products 16 ZUMA
Products 17 Engine Work

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