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by Jonathan Teraji

 Derbi GPR

Foot Peg Mod

The foot pegs on the Derbi GPR are mounted with 8mm bolts with a rubber bushing. When cornering hard these rubber bushings flex enough so that the foot pegs actually rub on the swing arm. This results in sketchy to unsafe handling. The rubber bushings also deteriorate rapidly.

Check out these pix:

Note the frayed rubber bushing on the top mount

and the scratch on the swing arm where peg rubs

Note the severe scratch on swing arm

These are the stock rubber bushings

These are the billet aluminum C and C'd replacement bushings

Replace the stock bushings!

This is a complete set to replace both sides. We suggest the use of Blue Loctite on the 8mm bolt

These are a perfect fit, uses all the stock hardware, easy to install, and NO MORE surprise handling characterstics mid corner!


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