Barb Pearce

  Barb Pearce, age 32, is an import from Toronto Canada. In 1991, after graduating from the University of Windsor with a BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing), she moved to sunny California. Her primary field is Neuroscience Nursing, which translates to critical care neuro trauma. She has tons of other certifications, credentials, and letters after her name. We can't even type them, much less understand them!
She became interested in racing cars and started out in a VW GTI. In '93 she won the women's autocross championship. She soon came to her senses and realized that motorcycles are way more fun!In 1995 she competed in the women's class with the NCMRRA finishing third overall in both '95 and '96.In 1996 Barb made her first trip to the Can-Am Challenge in Wenatchee WA.This was the race where she really stepped up to the plate and learned to road race. She finished 2nd, but more importantly really started to hone her craft. Barb Sacramento
Barb Wenatchee
1997 was a banner year for Barb. She returned to the Can-Am Challenge and won her class big time! She also was a consistent podium finisher at the NCMRRA events. In 1998 Barb set some lofty goals for her debut in the NCMRRA expert class and finished 8th overall. She also went on the Squid Summer Tour '98 and raced in Calgary, Batavia NY, Pennsylvania, Washington et al. On the plus side, the tour was a great opportunity to gain experience with other racers in other venues. On the minus side, she missed a higher placing at her home track as she had to miss some races. In 1999 she placed 7th overall in Northern California, with strong podium finishes in the Expert Classes and the Womens Class.
The Y2K season, unfortunately, has seen Barb on the sidelines with a broken collar bone and some back problems. Being a team player, she accompanied our team to the East Coast Can-Am Challenge to cheer them on. She will be sitting out the 2001 season for the most part. Team Calamari is very proud to have Barb on our team. She is fun to be around, allows us pick on her, (hence the nickname "Princess Bubba").Barb always displays great sportsmanship, and is a real competitor. When she is ready to ride again, we will have her bikes waiting. Barb EARA