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Yamaha Zuma


  Zuma with Leo Vince Pipe Kit!

Remember kids, don't try this at home, this is a professional rider on a closed course, eh.....actually it's Eric Hill on the street in front of his house!

 Leo Vince


Pipe Kit

In Stock!


#1 Zuma Pipe Kit Worldwide



Leo Vince ZX pipe is the leader in 2 stroke scooter horsepower.

The ZX is constructed in an expansion chamber design with a round carbon fiber silencer.

Very High quality workmansip.

Available in natural finish or chrome!

Easy Installation

Perfect Fit!


Comes with new clutch springs, rollers, exhaust gasket and all hardware necessary to mount.



Complete Installation instructions in both pictures and text!!


Rollers and springs really put the zip into take off! Way big improvement!






Noise level is barely louder than stock!

Half the weight of stock pipe

New Rollers and Springs

Excellent Brackets

This very inexpensive mod gives your Zuma way more get up and go without being noisy.

Wheelies??? Just twist the throttle!

Leo Vince

70CC Pipe!

This is a hand made titanium pipe! Excellent performance with the big bore kits.

Limited Supplies!

Titanium Silencer
Brackets, Flange, Gaskets, Bolts and Springs


Leo Vince TT Pipe

SS silencer


Zuma Jet Kit & Air Box Mods

If you would like to add a little more zip to your zuma this is the trick!

After installing a pipe, and letting your zuma engine "exhale" The Jet Kit with air box mods will let the engine "inhale"!

Complete Instructions with pictures 

 Want more Air?

Daytona Super Power Filter

This filter and intake is made to bolt right onto your Zuma Carburator! It is washable and really flows the air.

You will need the Jet Kit with this air cleaner! More Power! Yeah!



 Fine Tuning?

Clutch Spring Kits

Soft to Hard Springs

More fine tuning?

Roller Kits

Light to Heavy



POLINI Kevlar Belt

This is made from the same material as bullet proof vests!

This belt will eliminate slip as well as increase durability. Also features improved geometry that will increase acceleration and top speed.

As your stock belt wears down, it gets thinner and thinner. This, in turn, will start to decrease your top speed. So, if your scooter is getting slower and slower, but don't know why, replace that belt! The kevlar will last much longer than the stock belt.

Athena Belt

High Quality for your Zuma!

Copper Head Gasket

Replace the stock aluminum head gasket with a copper head gasket

Seals better & transfers heat 40% more efficiently. The cooler the cylinder the faster you go!



 High Performance

Carbon Fiber Zuma Reeds!  

Easy to Change-Great Throttle Response

Get rid of those stock metal reeds! (remember, when they break they destroy the engine!


Nology Hot Wire

If you are not using a Hot are not going as fast as you could!

Simple, Easy, Inexpensive Horsepower!

Installs in minutes!


NGK High Performance

Extended Tip

Resistor Plug!






High Speed Bearing and Seal Kit 

This is a must with a big bore kit

Gasket Kit

Complete Gasket kit

All Yamaha Zuma Gaskets in stock!





Athena High Performance Variator.
This unit uses larger roller weights (16x13) which improve the 50cc performance and can handle the power of the 70cc setups.

This kit comes complete with rollers, sliders, torque spring, and new variator.

Polini High Performance Variator.
This unit uses larger roller weights (16x13) which improve the 50cc performance and can handle the power of the 70cc setups.

Polini 9 roller complete variator kit
 Want more top speed? Change the final drive. 25% higher top end.  


Polini Speed Clutch and Bell

Super thick shoes

Adjustable Springs

Second set of springs

Awesome Bell Housing


  If you don't want to $pend the money on the big bore kit this is a viable alternative: Zuma Cylinder porting. 24 hour turn around time. Just send it in and we send it back the day after we receive it!


ZUMA Cylinder Porting

On the Left is a stock cylinder. Please look carefully at the exhaust port. What were they thinking? (not to mention the tranfers, intake etc)

Ported Zuma Cylinder Big improvement!

17% better flow = more horsepower without any decrease in reliability!



70CC Cylinder Kit


Cylinder, Head, Piston, Rings, Wrist Pin, Clips, Gaskets

Awesome reliabilty and performance!

(48MM piston!)

70CC Cylinder Kit

Cast Iron Cyl with Aluminum head. Ready to bolt on and go!




70CC Cylinder Kit

Bolt it on and go

Cylinder, Head, Piston, Rings, Wrist Pin, Clips, Gaskets

19mm or 21mm Carb

Separate manual choke cable including side mount choke knob!

(cable is easy to mount)


Make that 70cc get up and go!



17.5 MM Del L'orto Carb with Electric Choke! Perfect for the Zuma with a 70CC kit!

With either carb, you will need a new throttle cable. We just need to know the year of your Zuma, we have the right cable! 

 Tires and Brakes


Front Brake Pads

Ferodo Platinum

No Fading

The stock front brakes are spongy and fade under hard use. Quick fix.

Steel Braided Brakeline Kit

Includes new Banjo Bolts and Crush Washers

The reason for a major part of the spongy front brake feel is the rubber brake line. Every time you pull on the lever the rubber "balloons" a bit. With the steel braided line, the brakes will feel "rock hard".

No more Zuma spongy front brake!

Major Stoppee Power!



Ferodo Rear Brake Shoes

The rear shoes on the Zuma seem to wear out really fast. This will slow that process down along with slowing you down!

Michelin....when you care enough to scoot on the very best!

Reggae Dual Purpose Tire

Block-style tread pattern and excellent grip makes the Reggae the tire for scooters on the move. Highly capable on loose surfaces, the Reggae is a true all-season tire for on- and off-road use.

120/90-10 Front

130/90-10 Rear

Best dual purpose tire on the market!




Michelin....when you care enough to scoot on the very best!

Bopper Semi-Slick Tire

The advanced design of the Michelin Bopper delivers amazing performance.

With impressive grip even at full lean, the Bopper inspires confidence thanks to its excellent feedback and control.

The directional, semi-slick tread pattern ensures maximum stability during acceleration and cornering.

Maneuverable and lively, the Bopper is a favorite among 'freestyle' riders.



Best "Pavement only" tire on the market!

 Tire Repair Kit

Fits in Supplied Pouch under the seat...compact. Never get stuck with a flat again!

(extra CO2 Cartridges avail)



(this is just the begining...stay tuned!)

Zuma Rear Shock
   Looks Great....Works Great

 Comes with Two Pre-Load Spanners


 Raises Seat Height 1/2-1"

 Easy Installation

Perfect Fit!


Zuma Rear Shock

Doppler Oleopneumatic Shock

Easy installation-complete set up instructions 


Pneumatic Spring with pressure adjuster results in improved handling
Does not use the traditional coiled steel spring. This is replaced by an elastic pneumatic system using compressed air. This has the advantage of weight reduction and variable damping.

Tapered Timpkin Steering Head Bearings

Maintenance Free!

Install, Adjust and forget! No more Tank slappers! (well, not exactly tank slappers on a zuma, more like handle bars going stop to stop or you could say leg shield slappers!)

Big front end handling improvement

Complete instructions included



Yamaha stayed with 60's technology on the steering bearings by using the old fashioned and not very good ball bearings and races. These were dirt catchers, wore out, and needed constant maintenance and adjustment.

We have replace with state of the art tapered timpking bearings with seals.

 Top Bearing Installed

Seal not pictured

Bottom bearing on steering stem packed with grease and ready to go! Seal is underneath bearing.

Install, Adjust...and fuggetaboutit!


Front Fork Revalving

 Yes! We are revalving the front forks for both compression and rebound! Call!






Dual Headlight Kit

Enables BOTH Headlights

Hi Beam and Lo Beam

Both low beams on at same time or both high beams on at same time. Yamaha should have done this to begin with!



Quick and easy mod!

Complete Instructions

Only two tools required and they are in the tool kit!

15 minute install

Does not affect reliability and/or electrical system in any way

Night vision improved 100%

Dress up that Master Cylinder cover with this beautiful billet aluminum Master Cylinder Cover 



Doesn't offer any high performance improvements!

Just Looks Good!


(Installation time: 20 Seconds)

Billet aluminum rear brake adjuster knob. No tools necessary to adjust, plus it looks killer!



Does this make you go faster?


Does this make the rear brake work better?


Does it look good?


Tired of the Stock Grips on the Zuma?

Too Small, Too Hard!

How about some comfortable Superbike Grips and Bar Ends?



Super Scooter Grips

Bar Ends come in aluminum, Black, Carbon Fiber, and Gold

Grips are black only


This will take way longer than 30 seconds to install, but the comfort level is worth it

Factory Service Manual and

Factory Owner's Manual

on CD

Knowledge is power...horsepower!


Safety and Comfort Items


Awesome Easy to use Lock!

Loud Automatic Arming Alarm!

The Xena is a convenient and cost effective theft deterrent that does double duty as a disc lock as well as a piercing 110db alarm: All this in a compact and attractive designed disc lock that fits in the palm of your hand.

The body and key barrel are designed to withstand picking, tampering and blunt shock.

Simply attach the lock to your Zuma's disc and the alarm's sophisticated electronic unit arms itself; any motion or metal strike shock sets off a very clear warning to any would-be thief, and makes any sustained attempt to move your bike very uncomfortable and conspicuous.

While the main advantage of this disc lock is theft deterrence, it's other key advantage with the
built in alarm eliminates the possibility of you riding away before removing the disc lock and wrecking a fork leg or brake caliper or both. While many other style disc locks typically have a reminder strap or some other device to let you not forget you have your disc lock installed, the on-board 110db alarm makes it pretty obvious, even with a helmet and earplugs, to not start riding away until the lock has been removed!

 Key Features

* Auto-Alarming System
* Push-Down Locking System
* Eight month battery life
* 110dB Warning Siren
* Dual Shock & Movement Sensors
* Ideal commuter security
* 7mm locking pin with 2" depth

Fits the Zuma Perfectly



 Let's talk Safety...

Zumas are fun to ride

Cars are not always aware of your presence.

Make your self visible!

While it might seem weird to wear a reflective safety vest, before your first trip with the vest is over you will realize that the Cagers SAW YOU! This is the most inexpensive safety device you can use! Fits inside your helmet under the seat for storage.


 Available in orange or lime

Safety Vest Features:

Removable LED: set to flash or solid lighted back band.

Shock resistant.

Reflective Vertical Stripes: Two 2" vertical reflective strips on front and back of vest.

Weather, water and tear resistant

Rip proof mesh fabric (100%poly)

Expandable to fit up to 60" torso

Velco front closure.

Adjustable snap closure side

straps on safety vest extends up to 13" each side.

Safety vest dimensions: 17" wide, 23 1/2" long.

Weight: 9 oz. with battery.

Safety vest has removable LED light bar.
Power Source: Uses one CR2032 battery. Illuminates up to 200 hours.
90 day limited manufacturer's warranty.


 Corbin....the motorsports industry's leader in saddle making!

Mike Corbin and his merry band of helpers have been making saddles for motorcycles for at least the last 25 years! The QUALITY, STYLE and COMFORT is unsurpassed! This quest to be the best has now come to the Zuma Motorscooter.

 Just because your ride isn't a
heavyweight highway hauler
doesn't mean you shouldn't
be comfortable!
Our ergonomically designed
seating platform fits the
shape of your body for
excellent weight distribution
and support. This eliminates
hot spots from pressure points
created by the stock seat.
Additionally, our high-density
Comfort Cell® foam material gives
firm support that doesn't break
This equates to total riding enjoyment!
riding enjoyment!


Rider Seating: 14" wide x 16" long
Passenger: 11" wide x 8" long

The ergonomic shaping of the saddle naturally makes a nice, flowing line on the scooter. Also notice how well the Corbin basepan fits to the shape
of the Zuma tail section. Perfect

Corbin Seats

Available for

Zuma 50cc

Zuma 125cc

for more info go to:

Corbin Zuma 50cc Seat

Corbin Zuma 125cc Seat


Zuma 50cc

Zuma 125cc


Durable ergonomic handles for easy carrying

Reflective strip on lower panel

Easy access outer pockets

3.6 Liters of storage space

18" L x 10"W x 13"H



Fits on both the Zuma 50 and the 125cc Scooters

Easy on and off!

Available for

Zuma 50cc

Zuma 125cc

for more info go to:

Zuma 50cc Saddlebags

Zuma 125cc Saddlebags


Includes shoulder straps, bungies and rain covers




Finally an affordable, practical Zuma travel trunk!

Locks to scooter or can be removed from scooter with the turn of a key for portability!

Black only

Constructed of STRONG ABS plastic

Top tilts open with rear hinge

Mounting Brackets made specifically for the ZUMA!




12"L x 161/2W x 11"D

Holds full face helmet easily!

(or groceries, laptop, beer, soft drinks etc!)

Rear Lock

with 2 keys



Mounts on strong ABS plastic base that bolts to your existing luggage rack

Brackets are made specifically for the ZUMA

Very secure mounting!

Here's the neat part....the trunk locks to the mounting plate or unlocks from the plate so you can carry like a suitcase!

Locked to the scooter or take it with you!



Available for

Zuma 50cc

Zuma 125cc

for more info go to:

Zuma 50cc Trunk

Zuma 125cc Trunk

Reflector for visibility

Light weight

Rugged Construction


 Race Replica Zuma



 Yamaha Yellow Body Kit

Replica Race Decals

 Kit Includes:

All body work necessary for your 2002-2009 Zuma to become Yellow/Black

Racing stripe Decals

2" White Yamaha Decals

Michelin Decals

(decals not installed-luggage rack not included.)


Yes it works on the red Zuma!


 '08-'10 ZUMA Fix It Kit!

The Zuma is back for 2008-2010! The bad news is it is down on horsepower due to EPA regulations. This kit fixes the problem and results in the spirited Zuma performance that we are used to! All Parts in stock now!  


On all of the 2008 - 2010 Models the throttle will only open part way severely limiting top speed and ridability. Modifying the throttle cam to allow it to turn fully will solve this. Can be done with hack saw or dremel tool. Careful where the shavings go! Test by turning throttle and noting if slide fully retracts.

There have been three ways the 2008 - 2010 Zuma has had the throttle restriced.


The earlier 2008/2009 models were like this, and this is the fix.


The larger foot on the cam is on the later '08 - '10 models.


This is how you fix it!

But Wait! There's more!! On the 2008 - 2010 models you get to play "find the air mixture screw"! On the 2008-10 models there is either a brass or aluminum colored plug covering access to the screw. Remove it! 


This picture was taken looking form the left side of the scoot with the battery acces panel removed. This is the location of the air mix screw.

 If you have questions about your 2008-2010 Zuma, we have answers!

'08-'10 Zuma fixes:While we do not advocate tampering with the intake or exhaust of an EPA regulated vehicle we know that you would only do it if you were going racing on a closed course! We offer the above advice and or parts so you can go racing and keep up with the older model Zumas!


This Link has more info!

All products are Legal Only for Racing Vehicles
and are not intended for use on pollution controlled street vehicles

This Website has LOT'S of Information

Including the new 125cc Zuma


Team Calamari has most of the common original manufacturer parts in stock for:


If it has to be ordered-we get it quick!

Products Index Index
Products 1 Top Clamp, Front Fork Revalving, Spring Kit, Clip Ons, Wheel Spacer, Brake Stay Arm, Billet Alum Master Cylinder Cap
Products 2 Exhaust, Exhaust stubs, Rear Shock, Temperature Guage, Carbon Fiber Dash
Products 3 Tires, Wheel Bearings, Brakes, Steel Braided Brake Line Kit, Billet Master Cylinder Cap
Products 4 Swingarm Bushings, Swing Arm Brace, Tapered Timpkin Steering Bearings
Products 5 Carburetors, Air Cleaners, Jet Kits, Airbox Mods, 1/4 turn Throttle, Carb Cables, Reeds, Reed Stops, Oil Block Off Plate, Gas Cap Cover, Gas Cap Screws, Fuel Petcock
Products 6 Hot Wire, Clutch, Rod Kit, Main Bearings, Seals, Gaskets, Bolt Kit, Cable luber, Ignition
Products 7 Body Work - Stock Replica & Body Work Harware
Products 8 Body Work - Flush Mount Turn Signals, Turn Signal Flasher
Products 9 Body Work - Dual Headlight - GSXR Seat
Products 10 Body Work - Stickers/Decals, Body work bolt kit, Carbon Fiber License Plate Frame
Products 11 Body Work - Windscreens, Windscreen Bolts
Products 12 Swingarm Bike Stand, T-Shirts, Hats, Service Manuals
Products 13 Honda NSR50 and NS50F
Products 14 Derbi Parts
Products 15 Tools
Products 16 ZUMA
Products 17 Engine Work



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