Laura Douglas

Laura Douglas, a veteran mini road racer, lives in Chico CA with her husband Jerry and their beautiful daughter Desiree. She is a flight paramedic in between racing and being a housewife, and she juggles all those responsibilities beautifully!
Lauras' YSR Racing career has been a beautiful thing to watch. She started out in 1995 racing the womens class and finished #2. Her learning continued in 1996 where she once again participated in the womens class and again finished #2. In 1997 Laura started really turning the throttle, and participated in both the womens and the Vets Modified class finishing #4 in both. She also received the Sportsmanship Award for the '97 season from the NCMRRA. 



 In the 1998 NCMRRA race season, after turning expert, she got serious and raced 5 classes! Now that my friends is waaaay serious! She accomplished her goals, finishing #5 overall, #3 Stock Expert, #7 Superbike Expert, #4 60GP, #2 Vets Mod, and #9 women. She also participated in all the endurance races. Seems like everytime we looked at the track Laura was racing! Racing 5 classes in a day is beyond tiring, and to achieve her goal it would not have been necessary to race the womens class as it is not a points class. We are very appreciative of Laura's continuing support of the womens class as it is a fabulous class for the women to learn road racing, and having the experts in the mix gives the others goals. This was Laura's 4th year of competition and her first year in the expert class. She is smooth beyond smooth, and as wide as a '53 Buick if you are trying to get around her!
The year 2000 saw Laura break her collar bone in two places in mid-season. None the less, she came back and finished 2nd in Womens, and 1st in Vets Modified! This is one tough woman!!
2001 was a great season for Laura finishing 2nd in women's, 3rd in 60GP, 2nd in Vets XR100, 3rd in Xr100, and earning the #7 Plate for the year.

2002 was another great year for Laura, she won:

#1 Women's Class
#1 Vet's Mod

(in spite of breaking her collarbone for the second time!)

Special Awards:

1997 Sportsman of the Year (NCMRRA)
2001 NCMRRA Appreciation Award

Her Goal for 2003? To not break her collarbone for the third time!

Team Calamari has really enjoyed our association with Laura through the years, and have watched her racing skills progress with great pride. We are looking forward to racing again with her in the 2003 season.



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