Eric Hill, age 37, is another Sacramento resident, single, and is a parts specialist at a local automobile dealership.
 He has been riding bikes since age 6 and is a veteran AFM rider in the 125 and 250 classes.



 In 2001 Eric started competeing in the XR100 Class in Northern California. From the begining it was quite obvious that he was very talented.

For 2003, Team Calamari invited Eric to join our team. He raced XR100, and YSRs in supersport and superbike classes. He started the season as a novice, and after the first race where he won all 4 classes he entered, he was put in the expert class.

Even though he missed the first expert race of the year because he was still a "novice", Eric put together a dream season, finishing first in Supersport, Superbike, and XR100 and earning the Number 2 Plate for Northern California, right behind his teammate Brian Harp!

In 2004, Eric hopes to turn that #2 into a #1 (we'll see what Brian has to say about that!). He will be competing in Stock, Supersport, and Superbike.It turns out that this was not a problem!

The 2004 season saw Eric come of age! The boy rocked! Won the #1 Plate for Northern California, and cleaned house at the West Coast Invitational!

In 2005 Eric again competed in stock, superbike, and on a Derbi 74cc bike.

After the season he decided to retire from mini road racing. We will miss him!

Eric hobbies are dirt bikes, snow skiing, mountain biking, and fitness.

He is a pleasure to work with and TCR is greatly enjoying our association with Eric Hill. A Class Act!

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